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Marcus Warren, director of sales at Manx Telecom, looks at the changing shape of the egaming sector and how it aff ects relationships with telecoms and IT partners

Marcus Warren, director of sales at Manx Telecom, looks at the changing shape of the egaming sector and how it aff ects relationships with telecoms and IT partners

No one could accuse the egaming sector of being slow moving. Keeping up with developments requires more time and attention each and every month; however, this is what you would expect from an industry that – against a generally challenging global economic climate – keeps growing.

While a lot of attention is placed on the sheer growth of the egaming sector, not enough is, perhaps, said about the changing shape of the industry – and the needs of companies at different stages in their development.

At Manx Telecom, we are heavily involved in egaming and believe we have a truly 360 degree perspective. Egaming has always been high on our agenda and was one of the key reasons – way back in 2005 – that we built a world-class data centre designed to cater for a sector which we felt had infinite potential. Today, two of our largest fi ve clients are globally recognised operators in the egaming sector, and it goes without saying that egaming clients are some of the most demanding customers we have.

Wooing established companies and attracting their business is always challenging, especially in the face of severe competition, but the fact that we have done so is testament that we are getting things right. It’s not just down to us, of course, the fact that we are based on the Isle of Man plays a huge part in our ‘offer’.

Few people can be unaware of the island’s undoubted attractions, such as: advanced hosting and connectivity from a plethora of providers, a government with a ‘can do’ attitude to egaming, plus a growing and very professional support sector of legal, accounting, venture capitalists and web specialists. Even the island’s geographical position in the Northern European time zone places it optimally for companies with global operations in a number of hemispheres. Need I say more?

While we are always happy to talk to large established players, increasingly over the last 12 months we have seen more and more start-ups coming to talk to us. We are always willing to look at new proposals and give advice based on our experience.

Partnership is an overused word in business, but we do like to think that we can act as a partner from the very beginning of a business’s life. We are only too happy to construct fi nancial and technical packages to suit new entrants to the market who need this sort of flexibility, and who frankly need this sort of help.

We never forget that small players can become big players and that, very often, signifi cant developments in any market can begin with smaller players.

It’s not only new entrants and smaller players who are coming to talk to us in increasing numbers. Players who have reached a certain stage in their development are fi nding that their initial jurisdiction – chosen for a whole ra” of reasons – now no longer suits their business, or their plans. Initially, many operators made decisions about location based on a narrow range of factors, such as the tax and regulation in a particular jurisdiction. Some of those decisions are now coming home to roost as those companies have experienced exponential growth and, in some cases, have grown so much and so quickly that the local infrastructure may not have kept pace. In other words, some operators are finding that they are based in a jurisdiction which doesn’t have the required resilience or expandable capacity when it comes to those most basic of requirements – mechanical, electrical and communications infrastructure. Technical considerations aren’t the only factors driving this; credibility and brand reputation also come into it. The best companies in the sector have moved from a position of being wary of legislation, to one where they embrace it in the sure knowledge that it provides crucial credibility for what is still a relatively new sector. Having your operations with a reputable and well-founded company such as Manx Telecom – and being based on the Isle of Man –
provides massive credibility – something essential to driving future growth and shareholder value.

Whether it’s a start-up, an established company seeking to consolidate and expand, or one of the largest operators, we believe we have something special to off er – something to talk about.
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