Data Capture: Greater Returns in Email Requisition Campaigns

the strategies to build revenue from your email acquisition campaigns.

THERE IS AN OLD saying in the technology world. "Garbage in Garbage out!" By getting the data right from the teginning of a player acquisition programme, we can use it to drive forward a successful marketing strategy.

The following article will provide you with advice on how to put the right fuel in the tank and build a steady stream of income from email acquisition campaigns, by looking sign-up process; qualification; planning an effective strategy; initial customer engagement and ensuring long-term success.


The sign-up process on your website or landing page is. perhaps, the most crucial part of the process. Unfortunately, it is s tmethirig grossly overlooked or taken for granted When I speak to affiliates, and even the operators, there is always a big debate on whether or not to use 'single opt-in" I simple text box for email address and a button to 'sign up now') or a 'double opt-in' (making someone re-enter their email address or confirm their details before they enter your database). Many marketers use a single opt-in method, as they want to make it easy as possible to grab the email address and details. The problem is that it is very easy to make mistakes. For example, becomes artimlin@ because I am always in a hurry! Therefore, even though you have that valuable email address on your database, it is worthless: simply because you have no mechanism to verify it is a 'valid' email i-cress We've also seen instances of abuse where people are deliberately signing up with incorrect email addresses to cause problems for affiliate/acquisition marketers (e.g. notarealemailaddress @

A simple alternative is to have two text boxes to enter details, making a new subscriber double check that the email address is entered correctly before they submit' it to your mailing list. This is a great option, as it only adds a few seconds to the time it takes to enter details, and it ensures they have entered the correct email address. However, you still run the risk of people maliciously entering other people's, or non¬existent email addresses.

When using a 'double opt-in', you're giving yourself the best opportunity to validate an email address and, more importantly, that they want read your marketing messages. Use an 'Activation Link', as well as the above, to send an automated message to new subscribers with a link to confirm they've received it. This means neither malicious (notarealemailaddres s @ idontexist. com) nor other people's email addresses can be falsely added to your clean mailing list. More importantly, it means people on your database really want to receive your messages and are likely to convert more easily into paying players. It will also assist in achieving better email delivery rates, as one of the things Internet Service Providers examine when filtering messages is how many 'unknown users' (non-existent or inactive email addresses) are in a dispatch.

Activation link

Use the Activation Link as a thank you, to build a little excitement and let people know what to expect from your future marketing. An example: "Thanks for joining our mailing list, we'll send you all the best offers..." Think about personalising your brand (introduce a chat manager, casino manager, fictional author or the newsletter, etc). Subscribers should feel they are entering a relationship, not just getting a single free-play, which is likely to make them more reluctant to leave, especially with poker and bingo. Also, use the Activation Link as an opportunity to allow subscribers to add your email address to their 'safe-senders' list. This ensures your images and links are always displayed, helping you achieve better inbox placement and better conversion rates.

Another good idea is to let subscribers know how often you're going to send a message. It's a very simple thing to do: if you send monthly emails but a subscriber is expecting a weekly newsletter, they'll either email you about it (a waste of resources) or forget you (a waste of revenue). With some gaming clients, we've implemented the 'thank you message' send after subscribers have clicked the Activation Link, and we have achieved very impressive results, because you're building a dialogue of actions between you and the subscriber (making them more receptive to your brand and ensuring a better quality of data by eliminating tyre kickers and competitors).

"The sign-up process on your website or landing page is, perhaps, the most crucial part of the process. Unfortunately, it is something that is grossly overlooked."

The best results, we've had, are when we use this 'thank you message', not just to get added to the 'safe-senders' list, but to link to a short survey or preference centre where subscribers can select what they do and don't want to receive. By letting a client decide between casino, bingo, poker, slots on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, we can ensure they stay on our database for longer (thereby, increasing their lifetime value to us). It also helps build rapport between your brand and the new subscriber.

Brand loyalty

We've seen that by adding these steps, and creating more interaction during the sign-up process, subscribers become more loyal to the brand. They are also likely to invest more time and effort in looking out for and interacting with your messages. By developing this dialogue with them, and by them providing more information on their preferences, we've seen better delivery rates, lower unsubscribe rates, better open rates, better click through rates and better conversions. By looking more closely at how people enter our database and what they're looking for when they do, we can use that information to maximum effect and achieve better results.

Ever since the onset of the 'global downturn', the number of acquisition email campaigns has been on the rise. This means that it's a more competitive marketplace, but it also means that the number of SPAM emails is increasing. However, if you have good data, and you send your marketing messages to people that want them, then you have a chance at creating a reliable source of revenue month in, month out. The question you need to ask yourself is, 'do you want a database of i million email addresses or do you want $1 million?'
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