Maximising Return on Investment

Would you like to quickly and easily make more money from your traffic by maximising ROI? Of course, but can that really be done, you ask? And easily?

Would you like to quickly and easily make more money from your traffic by maximising ROI? Of course, but can that really be done, you ask? And easily?

THE ANSWER IS simple: yes and yes. But before we look at the solution, first let's break down your activity and business model into simple terms. You invest your resources in an effort to create or acquire traffic through a range of marketing techniques, and send them to operators which you hope will give you the best return.

That return (your ROI) is dependent upon the operators' abilities to convert your traffic and generate high life-time value (LTV) from your players. Now, interestingly, it is the operations with top-notch retention teams that are most able to generate high LTV from your players, and which result in you getting paid better. Even if your deal is entirely CPA-based, if the operator understands that your players have a consistently high LTV, they will be willing to agree to higher CPA terms.

Therefore, by ensuring that the operators you work with have adopted better conversion tactics and a modern retention marketing strategy, you can earn more from your traffic. What steps can an affiliate take to gauge the effectiveness and capabilities of an operation? Let's start at the beginning.

Basic conversion

CRM. just like all iGaming activity actually starts with first contact. As consultants, when we're reviewing an operator's website, we look for the items of interest to long-term players. There are clear and obvious differences between what a serious long-term customer wants, and they contrast dramatically with the desires of bonus abusers. Here are a few CRM considerations which players take into account when deciding where to play and what you can look for on a brand's website when evaluating if they are a good destination for your traffic.

• Big winners' page: this is why players come to check out new brands - they want to win! As such, this section must always be updated and pumped with new content and exciting stories. It is astonishing how many iGaming operators don't have this information listed at all.

• First deposit offer: when an operation decides on a first deposit bonus, they are doing more than just posting a deal online. They are crafting a perception of the quality and stability of their business. The offer can't be too high, and it can't be unattractive, nor should it be entirely generic. You should pay particular attention to whether the sign-up offer actually fits the brand and is relevant to the players you are targeting it with.

• Terms and Conditions: who reads those? Enough players - that's the right answer and, as such, you must ensure the text is coherent and has no contradictions between the paragraphs. Also, a key part of the offering is the play-through (or wagering requirements) and, as such, this specific part should be well explained. Look for trick clauses and pay attention to maximum allowable cash out, as this will clue you into the financial position of the brand itself. Of course, nothing is worse than sending traffic to a brand that doesn't pay.

Retention rules!!

OK, so now that your players have converted and you're starting to see some cash being sent in your direction, how can the operators take your traffic to the next level, and generate more value out of each existing depositing player? Make sure the operator is consistent in the following areas:

• VIP Club: high level players deserve to be treated differently, and with distinction. Otherwise, those money¬makers will look for another place to donate their charity. Your operators really need to respect and go the extra mile for the high profile players you send, from personal VIP hostesses, to different financial terms and all sorts of creative promotions. If an operation doesn't have a VIP program... Pass!

• Headline promotions: your operator's website MUST include a dynamic list of ongoing promotional activities. There is no other way to describe it better. This is the barometer being used by players when determining a brand's attractiveness and, therefore, it should always be as vibrant as possible.

• Promotional backbone/loyalty scheme: this is the predefined, ongoing set of promotions which is being sent to a brand's segmented player-base. This scheme includes brand efforts for reactivation, preventing churn, growing potential VIPs into high-rollers, as well as cross-sale (make sure you're not being shaved). Understanding how an operation sets up its promotional backbone is a key component in evaluating a brand's capabilities and the likelihood that they will be able to get you the most from your traffic.


It all comes down to picking the most attractive offer, and players can evaluate this elusive parameter by reviewing all manner of aspects before deciding with which brand they would like to play. This is why for them, and even for affiliates, retention is king. Send your traffic to operations with the tools and understanding to keep your players happy, and you will make more money. Not only that, but it will actually boost your own reputation as you can show the high value of the traffic you send. An operation that is thinking about long-term value has certainly not forgotten about the importance of an efficient and attractive conversion process, and through proper brand analysis, you can identify brands that are more likely to convert well and give you high recurring revenue over the long haul.
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